Recreation and Culture

Wherever you turn in Monaco, nature's panorama beckons. Spectacular mountains stand guard over the Principality, inviting the adventurous beyond to the beautiful valleys, lakes, historical villages and ski slopes. Below these granite sentinels, the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean offer safe playgrounds to yachtsmen, divers and fishermen alike.

absolutely Monte-Carlo can organise fun-filled activities to suit everyone. Here are just a few suggestions.You may well have some of your own . . . just let us know.

Super Motor Yacht
The Ballet
A round of golf in the company of the course professional
Tennis or squash at the select Monte-Carlo Country Club
Sailing (crewed yachts of various sizes with lessons if you wish)
Water skiing and parasailing
Diving and fishing
Downhill skiing in the winter months
Hiking and climbing.
Health spa and fitness centre
Cruise or sail on a luxury super-yacht
Ballet or the opera
Concerts, recitals and exhibitions . . .

Consult us to see what's on while you're here.
Super Yacht
Chapel of the Visitation Museum, Monaco.  Barbara Piasecka Johnson Collection. Reubens designed tapestry by Van Den Hecke

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