Climate and Languages
Sun and Sea, Monaco and the Cote d'Azur Climate
The Principality of Monaco is nestled on the coast between the Mountains and the Med. This unique geographic position endows Monaco with an exceptional micro-climate of mild year-round temperatures and an abundance of sunshine. The yearly average temperature is 16C (63F). In summer the average is 23C (73F), in autumn and spring 14C to 17C (58F to 63F) and in winter 10C (51F).

Rainfall is recorded on just 60 days of the year but Monaco remains luxuriantly green due to an abundance of fresh water from the nearby French and Italian Alps. Warm sea temperatures throughout the summer months (June to September) provide ideal conditions for enjoying the abundance of aquatic activities in these clean, safe waters.

The official language on the Cote d'Azur and in Monaco is of course French but both Italian and English are widely spoken. As elsewhere in the world, the common language of choice for the very cosmopolitan population of the region is English.

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